Student Mentorship

Student Mentorship


The Kingdom Leaders Mentorship Program is a highly respected team of students (ages 10-17 years) who are proud to mentor, provide guidance and influence over future generations.

These student leaders recognize it is a privilege to be selected to serve in the KLMP. This opportunity was not based on ability to volunteer in an area of ministry and serve, but rather they have been personally selected by a member of the Children’s or Youth Ministry leadership team because they have demonstrated the ability to lead successfully through various acts of good deeds in their home, communities and regular church service attendance.

Potter’s World believes that it is important to mentor and equip this generation of students to mentor other children, learn and exercise new life skills and be an active positive citizens that uphold godly standards, morals and integrity.

The goal is to help students identify and strengthen their God given-gifts by performing various services such as teaching Bible lessons, assisting teachers, choreographing dances, leading praise and worship, operating sound and lighting boards, using technology such as Microsoft Office, Pro-Presenter and much more.

The requirement for all KLM’s is to attend their regular services prior to serving on an opposite rotation in the Potter’s World Children’s Ministry. Schedules are based on the availability of parents/children and is staffed accordingly.


Can a child be dismissed from the KLMP?
Absolutely. Prior to serving an agreement will be established between the children’s pastor, parents and child that the student will conduct themselves in a positive manner including but not limited to, their home life, school life or church activities, or they can be dismissed from the program.

KLM’s have been placed in a position of trust and respect therefore we expect them to behave themselves in such a way that promotes them in a positive light.

How can my child become part of the Kingdom Leader Mentorship Program?
Encourage your child to attend their regular church service, participate in class, be punctual, make wise choices verses being a distraction, do acts of kindness, put others before themselves are just a few ways they can be identified as a leader.


Do you have any programs that will help teach my child leadership and servant hood?
Yes, we have a one-year intern program Potter’s World Interns for children ages 8-11 years old. These children are hand selected or have expressed an interest in serving in the KLMP.



The PWI’s is a discipleship program designed to help teach leadership skills to children who have the ability to lead, but may lack the skill set.

Potter’s World Leadership teams will spend adequate time with each child to instill leadership values and skills. Each child will need to make a conscience decision daily to implement new strategies and surge as a leader.

PWI Training: Special classes have been set aside for training sessions. If your child is selected as part of the program then the parent and child will receive a schedule of training dates and times.

The Hope is to advance each child into the Kingdom Leader Mentorship Program (KLMP) if they meet the criterion at the end of their term.