Potter’s World Rewards

Potter’s World Rewards


Did you know the Potter’s World Children’s Ministry rewards children ages 3-11 with Kingdom Zills as an incentive for memorizing scriptures, class participation and bringing their Bible to class? How much they earn is entirely up to them and its unlimited! They could become a Kingdom Zillionaire!

Once the children begin earning Kingdom Zills they can immediately begin purchasing from Kingdom Treasures or they may choose to save their Kingdom Zills to purchase large ticketed items.

Kingdom Treasures is located in Room 217 in the Potter’s World Children’s Ministry, and its designed just for kids!

Hours: Open for 30 minutes following the 9:00am and the 11:00am services on the last Sunday of the month.


Can children use real currency at Kingdom Treasures?
We only accept Kingdom Zills for all Kingdom Treasure purposes.

Can children use Kingdom Zills in the TPHD Bookshop?
Kingdom Zills can only be used at Kingdom Treasures.

Do you accept toy donations for Kingdom Treasures?
Yes, we accept age appropriate brand NEW toys, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, Bibles, children’s devotionals, skateboards, gift cards, etc. All items donated can be used as a tax credit if you provide us with an itemized price list.



Please complete the application here if you are interested in one of the following areas.

Store Manager – Person responsible for the general operation of Kingdom Treasures.

Cashier – A friendly person with a welcoming personality that can work with several children at a time, that can make quick decisions, can assist with stocking shelves and taking inventory.