Wanna Help?

Wanna Help?

Are you looking for a place to get connected within The Potter’s House of Denver? If so, the Potter’s World Children’s Ministry is looking for faithful, dedicated and loving volunteers to serve.

Potter’s World Children’s Ministry Training Sessions are scheduled monthly on the 3rd Saturday at 3:00pm. Both current and new or potential volunteers are welcome to attend.

Here in the Potter’s World we know that every potential volunteer wants to get involved in an area of their passion. In order to help your volunteer process to become easier we would like to answer the most popular questions we receive.

Q: Do you have any other opportunities besides volunteering with the children?
A: Absolutely! Please see below for a list of all Volunteer Listings.


Q: If I volunteer in the Children’s Ministry does that mean I can’t go to service?
A: As prerequisites in serving in the Children’s Ministry you must regularly attend a weekly worship service. Receiving the word of God is just as important as sharing it. (Example: if you volunteer for the 11:00AM service every other week then you can attend the 9:00AM or 6:30PM worship service.)


Q: How do you schedule volunteers to serve in the Children’s Ministry?
A: We will work within your schedule and assign you to a rotation that fits your availability. We have several times slots available.


Q: What are your requirements?
A: You must be a TPHD member, 18 years or older, submit and pass a background check and meet with the children’s pastor. If you are interested please click here to down load an application.





  • Kingdom Leaders Mentorship Coach a respectable, loving person that supervise, encourages, provide opportunities for growth and develops students to mentor other students.
  • Potter’s World Intern Coach is respectable, encouraging, patient person who works well with younger groups of children; they instill hope and practical life skills for growth.


Caters to the visual and artistic side of children.

  • Back Stage Coordinator is organized, detailed, has the ability to multi-task, and ensure all the sets, equipment and props are ready for the opening of performance or children’s services and can think on your feet.
  • Band is staffed with gifted musician that will play instruments, such as piano, drums, guitars, etc. during our worship services and these teachers help teach fundamental skills to growing students.
  • Dance Teachers enjoys dancing and choreographing various styles of dances for children ages 3-11 years.
  • Drama Teachers enjoys using creative, interactive and engaging teaching methods such as games, role-play, storytelling, directing plays and helping students memorize scripts through different teaching methods.
  • Chorale Teachers is passionate in teaching children songs, play instruments, teach music lessons, techniques, scales, sight-reading, auditions and live performances
  • Lighting Technicians controls the lighting and visuals appearing onstage by operating the lighting board, rigging lights, hanging lights and ensuring gear is fully functional during service and productions.
  • Percussion Teachers is energetic, fun, patient, person that teaches basic theory of music, sense of rhythm, dynamics of volume control through self-discipline, hand and foot technique, encourage and creates opportunities for children to perform in musicals.
  • Sound Technicians are attentive, enjoys technology, regulate volume level and sound quality during services, productions using control consoles, separates instruments, vocals and other sounds, set up microphones.


Enjoy working as a team, prepare and study lessons from curriculum, teach, engage with students, volunteers and provide a safe atmosphere for children.

  • Craft Teachers create age appropriate crafts for classrooms & special events
  • Game Instructors enjoys creating games that engage children during services & special events.
  • Kingdom Babies Caregivers enjoys working in the nursery with babies from birth through 11 months.
  • Kingdom Tots Teachers Assistants enjoy working with children ages 2-4 years.
  • Kingdom Kids Teachers Assistants enjoys working with elementary children ages 5-11 years.
  • Spanish Ministry is staffed with Spanish speaking volunteers for our 1:30pm Children’s Ministry.
  • Special Needs Teachers Assistants are warm, loving, compassionate and patient caregivers who enjoy working with children ages 3-11 years that have unique abilities and learning styles.


  • Animated Storytellers captivates an audience of children by relating Bible stories.
  • Costume Characters wear costumes (or assign people to wear costume) walk through the church hallways greeting families and children. These characters occasionally assist with praise and worship, skits and games.
  • Puppeteers perform puppet skits for Bible stories, skits and icebreakers during services.


  • Automated Check-In/Out Team is our front line staffed with volunteers that SMILES, welcomes and assist families with name badges, claim tickets and escorts new families to their child (s) age appropriate classrooms.
  • Balloon Ministry Team ready to report as needed for special activities and events to help fill balloons with helium and decorate ministry with colorful balloon arches and or bouquets.
  • Classroom Check-In Attendants are very warm, caring and gentle. They will welcome and greet parents, receive toddlers and their belonging, ensure items are labeled and listed on class roster.
  • Coordinators friendly person with a willing heart to serve team members, be available to teach, help in classrooms or other areas as needed and must have (2) years’ experience as a Potter’s World classroom teacher.
  • Resource Center Coordinator is an organized person that helps support team members providing them with the ability to check out various supplies to enhance their lessons and team building projects.
  • Set-ups (service) assist teachers by setting up chairs, preparing snacks, prepping crafts, etc. prior to the start of services.
  • Special Event Team is a group of creative innovator thinkers that help plan and execute special events for children such as VBS, Easter, Conferences, New Years Eve, etc.